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Our mission is to help our patients find self-confidence through their smile and to inspire health and happiness through our team's positive and generous attitude.
We believe your smile is a key component in a life full of laughter, happiness and joy. In other words - when your life has Verve, you're free to live, laugh, smile.

The Verve Experience

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Dr. Michael Major

Some would say Dr. Michael Major was destined to become an orthodontic specialist. The son of a renowned orthodontist and academic leader, Dr. Major has always been passionate about the way orthodontics changes peoples' lives and now he's brought equal passion and remarkable vision to residents in and around St. Albert. He has a unique way of seeing things that not only helps him create healthy, beautiful smiles but seems to inspire a lot of smiling in the process.

His distinctions include earning his Bachelor of Science (with honors) from the University of Alberta and his DMD from the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He then completed his dental residency at the University of British Columbia's Vancouver General Hospital and his MS in Orthodontics from the University of Alberta. He has contributed to numerous published works on topics ranging from surgical orthodontics to sleep apnea and has received numerous awards for excellence in academics and research.

Dr. Major was born and raised in Edmonton and loves the fact that he can now raise his four children here as well. When he's not busy helping people live with Verve, you'll see him out doing all the family activities every dad enjoys (and those that feel more like a chore as well:-).

treatment options

So many options to choose from. So much Verve to go around.

Getting Started

The path to a Verve Orthodontics Smile starts with a complimentary consultation. Dr. Major will do a thorough examination and take a series of photos/digital scans he'll use in diagnosing the best options for your treatment. During this same initial appointment, you'll spend dedicated time with Dr. Major where he'll take the time to find out about your life and work or school, so that he can prescribe a course of treatment that's fits your busy life and schedule to give you a smile that really fits your face.

While you're with us, you'll have the opportunity to get a sense for how fun orthodontic treatment can be. We call it the Verve Experience, and we think you're going to love it. Whether you're interested in treatment for one of your children or for yourself, we believe we've create an environment you'll really enjoy. In fact, it's our hope you'll like it so much you won't want to leave.

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